Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 to-do list

Random/annoying photo haha :P
I've seen these sort of "New Year's Resolutions" (man, do i hate that phrase) posts on a few blogs now, including Michelle's and Katy's. and thought i'd do something similar.  I'm not to big on thinking of a new year as a fresh start - i'm stuck with the same people, in the same place, doing the same things no matter what day or year it is, you know?  Not to be a downer on anyone else's new year, just thought i'd put in my own opinion!  I do think it's nice to set a few (reasonable) goals to accomplish within the new year though.  Here are a few of mine:

♥ Try to excercise at least 2-3 times a week.  It may not be that much, but it's a step up from the amount i do now.
♥ Eat more fruits & vegetables and try different types of food.
♥ Travel more.
♥ Get my driver's license.
♥ Try to get an adequate amount of sleep each night.
♥ Pass honors pre-calculus (and the rest of my classes, obv).
♥ Be more patient with people - especially family.
♥ Look into potential colleges/universities & majors (yikes).
♥ Continue improving "Big City Dreams".
♥ Spend more time outside.
♥ Try new things.

So much for a few goals, eh?  Most of these are also quite vague, but these are the first things that came to my mind.  I'm really hoping to have some new experiences and just have more fun & be happier this year.  Easier said than done i suppose, but we all need to start somewhere!

What are some of your goals for 2011?


  1. Lovely goals Laura! I hope 2011 bring with it everything you want! :)
    My main goal is to just be happy and be a good person :) xx

  2. I agree with you on the fresh start thing, but I've also set a few goals such as reading more and going to the gym hehe (: Good luck with yours! xx

  3. getting moresleep is deffaintly something I need to had to add to mylist. I never knew howmuch I have missed it since winter break.
    good luck with the college search, deffiently do it now ,it will make everything so much easier senior year

  4. My main goals are to lose weight/eat better/ exercise, the usual haha xx

  5. N'awh thanks for the link lovely ♥ I'm more of a "seize the moment" gal also, but I always enjoy a good To-Do list, being the organisational freak that I am (: Good luck with getting your driving license lovely, I'm still so gutted that my test was cancelled because of snow! I'm positive you'll achieve these goals sweet! xxxxx

  6. @Hannah - Aww thank you sweetie :) That's a fantastic goal <3 xo

    @Leesha - Ooh, nice goals! Thanks :) xo

    @hawaiianpunchelsea - Right?! I wish my life was one big winter break haha :/ Thank you! xo

    @Tara - Yeah, seems like a very common one! Best of luck <3 xo

    @Michelle - Anytime sweets :) Sounds very like me as well! Yeah, that must be so annoying! Really hope you get to take yours & pass it with flying colors :) Thanks so much lovely <3 xo

  7. great wishlist(:, good luck with everything laura!xx

  8. Fab goals - good luck with them! Also, I'm just popping by to let you know that I featured your blog in the Hidden Treasures section of my Monday Musings Post this week :) xx

  9. I wrote a massive post on my essay about new years resolutions lol! I love the thought of a proper new start, even if it's only the 'thought'. Lovely goals, hope you achieve them x x x

  10. I hope you manage to achieve all your great goals (: I'll be posting mine up soon. They're fun posts to read, huh?!

  11. They all sound like great goals, hope to be reading a post this time next year about how you completed them all :) Happy new year! xxx

  12. you look SO FREEKIN GORGEOUS.
    you have some great goals.

  13. i've got one for you - COME TO ENGLAND AND MEET ALEX! ;)
    lovely job!x