Monday, January 31, 2011

fringe & stripes

cardigan & bag - H&M
dress/top - Charlotte Russe
earrings - DIY
necklace - Forever 21
rings - PacSun & Etsy

This afternoon, i decided to utilize my tripod in attempt to take photos of what i wore today.  People always recommend i do more outfit of the days & since i picked up a few items when i went shopping yesterday, i thought i'd share them.  Other than that, i've been feeling really uninspired on the fashion front lately!  I think it's the combination of school + not having much in my wardrobe to choose from.  Excuses, excuses i know, but it gets annoying wearing the same pair of jeggings & the same few tops every week!
Trying to save money for a trip over spring break but wanting to reinvent your entire wardrobe is hard.

01. This bag has to be one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe.  The neutral color makes it go with everything, but the fringe makes it fun & very me :).  Can i just say.. i love fringe.  Maybe it's the laid-back/cool feel that always takes me back to Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock 1969, but fringe is such now becoming a slight obsession of mine.  The cardigan is also a purchase from yesterday.  Of course when i go out in search for new shoes & tops, i come out with everything but.

02. I turned in my application yesterday at the thrift store.  Two of my friends (+ a lot of other people from my school work/have worked there) work there at the moment & urged me to apply there.  Sure that thrift store may be a dodgy place, but a job is a job & i need one!  Besides, i've discovered some pretty neat (lol, neat...) finds from thrift stores.  Also, the manager's cute.  That's always a plus ;)

03. I've officially decided i want to re-paint my room.  I think i've just outgrown the pink (even though we just painted it what, like two years ago?).  I'm thinking of going more neutral, in the cream/tan direction.  With a few artsy touches & decorations i think it'll look really nice.

04. We're about to get packed with snow over the next couple of days (where i live is way past due i guess!).  I don't want to jinx it, but i'm really hoping for at least one snow day this week.  Our city is pretty good at salting & clearing the roads - good thing if you have to be somewhere, bad thing if you want school to be cancelled - pretty quickly, but we'll see!  Hope you all had good starts to your weeks!


  1. cuuute freekin outfit.
    thats a great bag dollface.<3

  2. Your outfit is amazing! I am totally buying that bag, and H&M is one of my favorite stores:)

  3. Lovely outfit sweet (: I really like that bicycle necklace of yours! Good luck with the job application, got my fingers crossed for you! We've had a little snow here lately, it's been SO cold! xx

  4. You're repainting the infamous pink walls in my dream?! Haha neutrals are always good wall colors. AND THAT BAG OH MY GOODNESS. I really love it. I need some fringe in my wardrobe for the spring! And, ah, yes, the snow... DEATH BY SNOWSTORM. Here in New England, anyway. It sucks hardcore. But yay for hopefully some snowdays this week!

  5. I feel like I need, might actually die without that bag. Love it!

  6. Oh hey I have the same necklace, I picked mine up at Target though I think a thift store would be such a great place to work. We use to have a great one by us but thats closed that had the best vintage pieces.

  7. <3 your oufit(:, especially the scrabble ring!xx

  8. Ohh i was thinking of getting that H&M bag, you've convinced me now! Haha! And omg those rings are beautiful! xx

  9. Cute outfit! I love your bracelet and rings. Great blog =)

  10. Julianne: Thanks doll :)

    Anonymous: Thank you! Ah, H&M is one of my faves as well :)

    Michelle: Thanks so much sweetie! :) Eep, keep warm!

    Aimee: Well now you can have dreams containing my boring/neutral wall color haha :) Yeah New England & the Midwest (where i live) got hit really hard. Yay for snow days!

    Sarah Ashley: Thanks! I love it too :)

    Life of a girl called hawaiianpunchelsea: Ooh, awesome. That sucks! Love vintage :)

    Holly: Thanks lovely!

    Hannah: You definitely need it! Haha. Thanks <3

    Vida: Thank you :)

    Amey Jane: Thanks :)


  11. i have been looking for a fringe bag for absolutely forvever! yours is amazing! h&m?? no wayyy!