Friday, February 11, 2011


♥ Have been counting the days down to when i go to England & France.  Just checked my calendar & i'll be leaving about 70 days from now!  Wow, that's incredibly close.  I'm scared i won't have enough money to spend!  Haha.  My birthday's in about five weeks so hopefully i'll get some moolah.  I should also mention, i got a job!  Finally, right?  I'm not sure if i mentioned this already, but i applied & got an interview at the thrift store where two of my friends work.  They called me a bit earlier in the week & are going to train me & start giving me hours in about a week.  Let's hope i start raking in the dough ;)

♥ There was an offer going on at Clinique where if you spended a certain amount of money there, you could get a free gift - they do this quite often.  I wanted to repurchase my favorite mascara - High Impact in black - and i was also interested in trying their cream liner because i heard it was really good.  Have been using those products as well as the bronzer that came in the "free" gift & i've been really loving them!  Might do a separate post on these Clinique goodies.

♥ Do you love my moon boots or what?  It's been super snowy & cold lately, and with that comes shoveling & of course sledding!  I went at night last week wednesday with friends because we had a snow day.  Bad idea just wearing jeans, socks, & boots on the bottom half of your body - so incredibly cold!

♥ As you may have seen in my recent outfit of the day post, i got this lovely new bag from H&M.  I adore fringe, big bags, and neutral colors so this is totally up my alley.  A lot of you seemed to like it as well, hope you can get your hands on it if you wanted it!

♥ I recently hit (not physically, haha :/) 500 Google Friend Connect followers on this ol' blog.  I just wanted to let you know that am genuinely grateful for each and every one of you who bothers to read & comment on my blog posts.  This blog would be nothing without you guys - And what would i be without Big City Dreams?!  Probably just another loner who spends her life in her room on her mom's computer playing Solitare ;).  So thankyouthankyouthankyou.  I love you girlzzz ♥ *sappy moment over!*
♥ Have also been OBSESSED with Lady Gaga's new single "Born This Way" - such a tune!  Great message, very dance-able beat, love it lots :).  Link to listen to it here.

Hopefully going out to dinner with my lovely friends once they get off of work in a few hours :)  Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


  1. Congratulations on reaching 500 followers, you beyond deserve it! :) xx

  2. congrats on the 500 !!! cheers to many more

  3. Welldone on getting 500 followers, you deserve them Laura!<3

  4. I am loving born this way, its amazing! And ohh i NEED that bag in my life, well done on the followers babe, you deserve them! :) xx

  5. Oh gosh I bet you're ridiculously excited about your trips ;) Whereabouts are you going in England? Congrats on getting the job sweet, and also on reaching 500 followers! Very well deserved! xxxx

  6. Eeep, congrats on the job (: Wish I had one! Ooh, I'm sure 70 days will fly by. I love your new H & M bag and well done on your follower count. You've got a lovely blog here.

  7. good blog :)

    if u want follow me and write comment ;*

  8. I want to go to Paris! And well done on the job miss, least one of us is employable ;)
    And well done on reaching 500 followers you'll be on a 1000 before you know it! <3

  9. Where'd you get that eiffel tower picture? I absolutely love it! <3

  10. Congrats on the followers! Love the Eiffel tower picture! I actually painted a mural on my wall! (It's on my blog on the art page if you wanna check it out)

    You're so lucky you get to go to Paris!