Thursday, February 24, 2011

January & February in photos

Quite a lot has happened in the past two months, and i want to thank you all for sticking with me through it all!  I've definitely not been the best blogger & even the times i do blog, i feel like my posts are quite boring or just 'meh'.  I enjoy doing tag posts & chatty posts (e.g. day summaries or even these kind of posts!), but i feel like no one really cares haha :/.  I'll try to do my best in blogging about topics that may actually be interesting to you all.
I think i just compare my blog to other's too often, and that really just makes me feel crap about Big City Dreams and leaves me unmotivated.  Along with all the things i've had going on in January and February, i have just seemed to give up altogether!  Really wish i had more time for blogging.  Until my wish comes true, i'll do my best to post 'quality' posts as much as possible.

Thanks again for bearing with me ♥

-My grandma dropped off an amazing loaf of blueberry bread she made
-Watched the Social Network for the first time - pretty good!  Love the soundtrack (Trent Reznor....*sigh*).
-Sifted through my nail polish collection, got rid of a few i don't use, & re-organized where i store them

-My school is converting from Windows to Mac computers & one of our computer labs is all iMacs - they're so beautiful!  And so huge!
-This month's wardrobe = slippers & sweatshirts.  I NEED to go shopping!

-Had a snow day, so my friends & i went sledding :).  Note to self - jeans do not provide adequate warmth when participating in winter outdoor activities.

-Brownie Obsession dessert from TGI Friday's - SO GOOD.  Have to say this close up shot looks gross haha
-Fooling around at work haha.  Amy's face is blurred out for a reason - no she's not deformed!  Stack of baskets ftw
-Homework and chips & guac :)

-Bullshitting (pardon my French) a pre-calc project.  Raised my grade a bit, so that's good news!
-Took a break from the load of studying & project/paper-completing to make yummy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

-Ordered Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen and Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov from Barnes & Noble after seeing them featured in Kelly's video (which is now privated) - can't wait to read these!
-In the break room at work on my first day
-Another break from work - currently reading The Bell Jar!


Didn't take many photos these past two months.  These were all taken on my phone, hence the poorer quality than usual.  I desperately want to get a DSLR camera, especially before i leave for my trip.  Wish they weren't so expensive!  *major sigh*


  1. Darling you are so gorgeous! I've missed ya, lady! I definitely love reading these little updates and knowing what Laura's been up to! Hehe. That dessert looks freaking BOMB. And that Mac computer... DROOLING.


  2. ohhh, those cookies look so good! haha :) x

  3. That brownie looks so delicious!<3

  4. Wow, i love these types of posts, so i hope you keep doing them! I know what you mean about being unmotivated in blogging, and comparing your blog to others, in fact i probably do this with your blog as it is one of my favs :)
    Don't worry about not blogging as often, everyone is a bit busy these days so its normal! :) xx

  5. Eeep, your blog is lovely sweet. You shouldn't compare ;) Ah man, that blueberry bread looks yum. I looove Sylvia Plath. I hope you're enjoying the book!

  6. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies sound wonderful. We have had a few snow days and I still havent gone sledd riding,. Deffiently need to pu that on my list.

  7. Lovely little post sweet, I always enjoy photo posts! I want a DSLR so much as well, desperately saving the pennies for one to improve my blog and stylist portfolio (: Ooh also, you've made me want/need to go and buy some books to read! xx

  8. I always love your posts! I haven't been blogging much either since starting a new job. I've just had a major catch up on all the blogs I read too, I'm only just reading posts from like 3 weeks ago haha :) xxx

  9. please keep blogging! i would have to say your blog is probably in my top 3 favorite blogs, and it is definitely the blog i look forward too most. i think its just the fact that its so real, and its about your life and fashion, instead of high fashion blogs which seem very impersonal. so yeah, i love your blog :) xxxxx

  10. those are really good quality for a phone! i really need a good camera too xx