Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Glossybox USA.

Beauty box subscription services have been all the rage in the blogging world as of late, and my eyes have been on Glossybox since i first read about the company on some of my favorite UK beauty blogs.  When i first heard Glossybox was coming to the US, i was really excited.  They recently contacted me and offered to send me their first box and of course i said yes.  I have to say i am very impressed with their PR girlies, Lily and Adrianne.  Both were super friendly and helpful, and it was very easy to communicate with them both!

In terms of beauty boxes, i've only tried out one subscription service before and that was Birchbox, which you can read my post on here.  I wasn't too impressed and actually ended up cancelling my subscription because i didn't think it was worth the money.  But seeing monthly posts about Glossybox from bloggers across the pond, i had high hopes for my first Glossybox, and i'm very happy to say i was not let down!

First off, the packaging is gorgeous and high-quality.  For me, it's always the little details that get me and these boxes are really well thought out, and besides being pretty, they house the products safely as well!  I cannot wait to re-use this box for pretty little storage around my room.

Alongside the box was an introductory letter, explaining a bit more about Glossybox, how the service works, where it is available, etc.

The products were wrapped in tissue with a little "Glossybox USA" ribbon, as well as laid in shredded tissue.  With the wee bundle of products was The Glossybox Trend Guide which is a cute booklet with products from all around the world.

Onto the products themselves!  One thing that was super impressive to me is the size of the "samples".  Most (all but one) were full size.  I know this will most likely not happen every month, but i was immediately blown away!

BASQ Cucumber Tea Eye Gel - BASQ is a brand that i was not familiar with before Glossybox, but being an eye cream, i was definitely willing to try it out.  I've only used this a few times now so i cannot give a true opinion yet, but so far i am liking it!

OPI Kiss Me on My Tulips nail polish - I was pretty impressed to see an OPI nail polish in this month's box.  The color is gorgeous, a bright Barbie pink color and was easy to apply - like any other OPI nail polish really!  I would have liked to see a different color since i have so many pinks already, but this will definitely be getting a lot of use.  I'm wearing this polish here. :)

C.O. Bigelow Lavender & Peppermint Body Lotion - Again, i was super impressed to see a brand like C.O. Bigelow in my Glossybox.  Although i had heard of the brand before, i had not used many of their products except for the occasional lip balm!  I have yet to use this body lotion, but it smells absolutely gorgeous.

Cargo Eye Bronzer - Cargo was a brand i just sort of passed over while in Sephora, but it was definitely nice to see a product from them in my box.  This look really gorgeous and i cannot wait to use it during the summer!  I have a swatch below. :)

Erno Laszlo Hollywood Collection samples - To be honest, when i first saw these samples i was a bit 'eh', until i looked at the description/price.  The full size product costs over $100, so i would consider these samples to be generous!  I am not one to experiment with my skincare since my skin is super sensitive and can break out easily, so i'm a bit skeptical to try these out.  But if don't put them to use, i can easily find someone who will!

Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine in Toffee - This product is actually exclusive to Glossybox before the launch of Kryolan in the US, which is equally parts impressive and awesome.  The gloss itself is a peachy-nude color (a bit more peachy than in the swatch below) and is very creamy and opaque.  I rarely wear nude lip colors, but this might turn me!  It's a bit sticky but i'm super impressed with the color payoff and the lasting power.  I'm excited to see more from Kryolan after its launch here in the States!

Overall, i was super impressed with my first Glossybox ("impressed" is an ongoing theme in this post, no?  But really, i am).  Based off this first box and the success of Glossybox in other countries, i have high hopes for the success of Glossybox here in the States.
Now, prices.  The cost of this monthly service is $21/month.  For those interested in trying out new products  and brands, the price is worth every penny in my opinion.  It is considered to offer luxury brands and products, and based off this first box, it definitely does - you definitely get more than what you pay for.  Unfortunately, being out of a job at the moment, i'm not able to spend the $21/month on the beauty box service.  But it will definitely be interesting to see the boxes to come!

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I received this Glossybox for consideration.  I am not affiliated with Glossybox, nor am i getting paid.  And as always, these are my honest, genuine opinions!


  1. Ooooh looks exciting. I love receiving mine over here :)

  2. Oh how exciting Laura! This box looks so good, I love the sound of that eye gel, and of course, the OPI polish (: really like the packaging of the US version as well, the tissue paper is to die for! - I'm such a nerd for things like that haha...! xx

  3. i always get excited when i see a new post from you Laura!:)
    Its great glossybox is now in the US! All the products look lovely, i really need to try out a beauty subscription box! xx

  4. Nice!
    PS: Does you already participated in the giveaway on my blog: http://www.beautybloglaura.com/2012/05/winactie-2-goodiebags-van-elf.html