Saturday, March 10, 2012

Inspiration 02

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Photos from Tumblr & Flickr
Getting in a bit of a more springy/summery mood lately.  Life is just so much better when the sun's out, am i right?  Makes me want to pitch a tent somewhere (i'll have to find somebody capable of doing this for me...) and enjoy the weather.  With nicer weather comes pretty dresses & flowy fabrics - really need to update my wardrobe a bit.  I feel like everything i have is so dark/depressing/heavy but as much as i love summer, autumn clothes are my fave.  Feel the most all comfortable bundled & covered up!  The lovely weather also constantly reminds me of London.  Le sigh, someday i'll go back!  Hope you're all well. ♥
Songs i'm obsessed with at the mo: Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye (I'm absolutely obsessed, cannot thank Bee enough for introducing me to this song... haha <3) / We Are Young - Fun / Midnight City - M83


  1. Omg these are the most beautiful pictures! Hope you come back to London soon! xx