Saturday, January 28, 2012

Home is wherever i'm with you.

Just another quick post to let you all know i'm still alive and well!  I've also wanted to talk about a few things so here goes!
♥ My birthday's coming up (well, it's in 50 days haha) and i'll finally be 18!  Not sure what i'm going to do to celebrate it yet though, probably just do something with friends - probably my favorite way to celebrate my birthday.
♥ Since i'm turning 18 i've been contemplating getting a few tattoos!  I have three in mind and i kind of know where i want to get them.  I've been wanting "this too shall pass" for ages, i know it's a tattoo that everyone thinks of as a bit cliche, but it's a phrase that has always been floating around in my mind & has gotten me through a lot of times - good & bad!  I'm thinking of getting that on the inside of my arm.  I also really want "home is wherever i'm with you", one of my favorite lyrics from one of my favorite songs ever (from Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros).  I think it would very much sum up this time in my life & is always a phrase that will be very near & dear to my heart. :')  Not sure where i'd get that, i'm thinking on my foot or something!  The last one i've been thinking about is something on the side of my rib cage or behind my ear.  That would probably be more for ~the sake of art~ & being pretty.  I've always said to myself that if i got a tattoo that it would have to mean something to me.  This is all hypothetical of course, i'm such a commitment phobe - and when it comes to my appearance, not sure how i would feel about a tattoo!  I absolutely love them on other people but on me?  Hmmm... will have to contemplate some more.  You only live once though, right? :)
♥ In terms of blogging, i apologize to those of you who have been anticipating a blog post from me.  Admittedly, i do have a bit more free time now that exams are over, but as i feel like i've said over & over, i've just been wanting to spend my time doing other things (catching up on sleep, hanging out with friends/family, etc).  Not sure where i stand with this blog atm, but i definitely don't want to completely abandon it.  Have been considering changing it up a bit since i don't have much interest in beauty blogging really anymore - i feel like there are just so many other beauty blogs & i don't know, just lost my ~passion~ for it i suppose.  I am still head over heels in love with photography, just haven't been taking many photos lately.  We shall see.
♥ As i've said in, like, every blog post from the past few months, thanks for sticking by me lovelies.  Hope you're all doing well. <3
♥ Favorite songs of the moment: Midnight City - M83, I Know the Truth - Pretty Lights, I Want to Take You Higher - Sly & the Family Stone, I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues - Elton John.


  1. Ooo exciting times! I feel the same as you, I want a tattoo I'm just crap with commitment and I'm not sure if they would suit me/hate them in a few years time. By the way your hair looks soooo long, it's lovely! xx

  2. Sofia GatchalianSunday, January 29, 2012

    Great post! 

  3. Great post, really interesting. Im also a big fan of Elton John's I guess that's why they call it the blues. If you get time have a nosy and see if you can find the elton john mary j blige collaboration on it.