Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I'm back

Wow. It has been TWO full years since my last blog post. *knock knock* Anybody still out there? I have been thinking about blogging regularly again on and off for the past few months. The main thing holding me back is that: I want to create original content. It is important to me that I have something different to say so that my voice doesn't get lost among the crowded blogging space on the internet.

In the past, my blog has focused on clothes and beauty products, and although I am still interested in these things, I have grown up in over the past few years. With growing up comes a change in priorities and interests. I am a full believer in inner beauty being a priority before outer beauty, and this is why over the past couple of years I have become more interested in health and fitness.

I do not want to restrict this space to just health and fitness, I want to be able to post about whatever is interesting to me at any moment in time.

I hope you all stick with me in this journey and that I can create original content for you guys!



  1. Hi Laura! So pleased you are back blogging again! I had a bit of an extended break from it too, but am loving getting back into it. Good luck! xxx

    1. Hannah! I can't tell you how glad I was when I saw a new post from you on my feed! I am happy to be back too. Good luck to you as well and please don't be a stranger! :)