Friday, April 6, 2012


An accumulation of events that have occurred over the past few weeks and months has inspired this blog post, which i hope some of you will read through all the way and not just disregard it as a tl;dr ramble.  Either way, it'll be nice to get this off of my chest.

Being the fourth quarter of my senior year of high school and having recently turned 18, so many (necessary and unnecessary) changes have been and are happening in my life at the moment.  It's time to move on from the people i've been surrounded with and places i've become familiar with over the past 13+ years of school, etc. and it's time to grow up a bit.  For a while now i've been resisting these changes but i think it's finally time to embrace them.  I'm in need of new people and experiences, and i need to start getting more realistic with what i want to do with my life career-wise.  I've told myself that as long as i'm happy and have my family and friends, it doesn't matter what i do - and that remains true.  But there does come a point where reality sets in and unfortunately, money and responsibilities are part of that.  As much as i'd love to live in my own reality, there are bills to be paid and mouths to be fed.

At the moment, i'm still discovering who i am as a person and what i want to do with my life.  I'm trying to cut out all the negative people and things in my life that are just bringing me down.  I've been partying less and trying to focus on myself and my family more.  I got myself a boyfriend that i absolutely adore and make an effort to see him whenever i can.  And i've also been getting a move on the whole college thing.  I'm taking my placement exams next week sunday (ahh), and i've been having to fill out endless forms and make decisions about next school year constantly.

As some of you may have noticed, i've not been on here much at all and honestly, i haven't been putting in much of an effort to catch up on everyone's blogs (not even my favorites) or blog myself.  I still do not want to shut down this ol' blog because i have put a lot of time and effort into it over the past few years and i still do love it, i just need to focus my energy on other things at the moment.

This is not a goodbye from me, you'll be seeing me soon!  In the meantime, you can keep up with me on Twitter and Tumblr.  I hope you all understand where i'm coming from, and if you don't, that's fine too.  Hope you're all doing well.  See you soon!

Lots of love. :)


  1. I love the photo!  The colours are amazing :) I really need to go out with my camera and take photos of the blossom before it all disappears. 

    I hope you do carry on blogging at some point, whatever the subject, as yours is one of my favourites! But I totally understand where your coming from. I feel like I've gone through all those changes in the past year or two with career, friends, sorting my life out, deciding what I want and who I am. It's hard but I feel like it has to be done.

    Good luck with the exams! :) xxx

  2. Hope you're okay Laura, take all the time you need, I can't imagine having the time to blog when applying for Uni etc., it's a struggle at the moment but I'm too addicted to take a break (: